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Photomagic Portfolio: Documentaries

Client: Etimos Foundation

Production: Photomagic Studio

Duration: 6:17 Minutes

Content: Switch Africa Green/Green to Grow by Etimos Foundation/European Union-covering case studies in Kitui, Kirinyaga and Nandi Hills on sustainable farming methods in Kenya.

Client: Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC)

Production: Photomagic Studio

Duration: 9:22 Minutes

Content: Kenya CIC highlights issues on climate mitigation and climate adaptation and their interventions on a number of projects with entrepreneurs.

Client: Tata Chemicals Magadi

Production: Photomagic Studio

Duration: 4:15 Minutes

Content: Project under the theme #NowItsYourTurn- a week of cleaning the environment in Magadi, especially on polythene waste and others (Tata Volunteering Week).

Client: Brooke East Africa

Production: Photomagic Studio

Duration: 5:07 Minutes

Content: Benson Mwangi talks about the impact of his donkeys and livelihood, from Njoro Town in Kenya's Rift Valley.

Client: Tata Chemicals Magadi

Production: Photomagic Studio

Duration: 3:43 Minutes

Content: Sample different views on the relationship between Tata Chemicals and the Maasai community around Lake Magadi, especially activities by Tata Chemicals to make the lives of the locals better.

Client: European Union/Danida/KCIC

Production: Photomagic Studio

Duration: 16:30 Minutes

Content: Launch of Agribiz program by the European Union, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (Danida), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), African Development Bank (AfDB), Africa Guarantee Fund (AGF) and Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) in April 2020).

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