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Virtual Features by Photomagic

Some of the Key Features include:

Evergreen content, sponsor showcase, registration management, back-end analytics, push message + announcements, event networking, email campaigns and promotion, live polls, live Q & A, attendee chat and much more features.


Some of the Key Features include:

  • Stream live video, replay video content, network and have attendee engagement

  • Access virtual events from any device anywhere-laptop, tablet and smart phone

  • All streams, recorded videos in one place

  • Control/limit access to registered attendees only

  • Stunning attendees engagements, just like in-person events

  • Professional video quality and audio plus creative content production and customized brand packaging

  • Simulcast and multi-stream your event activity

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Hybrid Events: Physical in-person events are not about to go away, but you can expand your reach by going online and creating a hybrid event.

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