Regular Photography Course

Registration is ongoing for the April 2020 intake which will be Wednesday evening sessions starting 8th April. The sessions takes place from 6:00pm to 8:30pm at our studio on 209 State House Road, Nairobi. This short course has 10 core modules, 16 sessions in total; including 3 Adobe Photoshop sessions and 1 Adobe Lightroom lesson.

Personalized Lessons

This is a custom class that is purely based on a student’s special needs regarding, skill level, timing and availability. We also do personalized classes for photographers who feel they only need to strengthen specific areas like Photoshop, Studio Lighting, Accessories, Composition and such other topics.

Corporate Lessons

If the team at your company, private business, NGO or any other institution needs to sharpen their skills in professional camera handling, we have a corporate training programme for you. We prefer classes of at least 3 people for this kind of class.

April 2020:

Wednesday Evening Classes

July 2020:

Saturday Morning Classes