Regular Photography Classes

Wednesday Evening Lessons

in-Person or Online

This is Photomagic's most popular course. Since we started teaching in 2013, these classes have had the highest number of students. We have 14 sessions (lessons) covered over a 14-week duration.


We have 4 intakes in 2021:

  • February–Starts 3rd February

  • April–Starts 7th April

  • June–Starts 16th June

  • September–Starts 8th Sept.

The fee for this class is Ksh 50,000 per person, including a non-refundable fee of Ksh 5,000. All the sessions take place at our studio on 209 State House Road. However, we have at least two outdoor practical sessions that are out of the studio.

For course outline and other details, download the PDF prospectus below.



Call Us On:

Zippy: 0720-266012

Steve: 0721-234213