Photomagic Portfolio: Promos

Client: Karakana Initiative

Duration: 00:51 seconds

Content: A short promo video for the event 'African Digital Art' event hosted by Karakana Initiative was  prepared to publicize the event.

Client: Unilever

Production: Photomagic Studio

Duration: 5:01 Minutes

Content: Who is the most important woman in your life? Is it your mother? What role do we remember our mothers for? What is the greatest memory from our mothers in childhood? How did our mothers affect our lives now that we are adults? A team from Unilever Kenya shares their experiences.

Client: Karakana Initiative

Duration: 00:59 Minutes

Content: A short motion graphics animation video developed for Karakana Initiative to be used as a publicity tool on WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram and other digital platforms.

Client: The Kenya Cultural Centre

Duration: 2:04 Minutes

Content: A short post-event promo for the Kenya National Theatre after the Nairobi Performing Arts Studio staged 10 sold-out shows on the famous Sarafina! musical.