Photomagic Portfolio: Informercials

Client: International Organisation for Migration (IOM) with ACP-EU and Partners.

Production: Photomagic Studio

Duration: 7:00 Minutes

Content: Infomercial on how investments back home (in Kenya) from Diaspora contribute to development.

Client: International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

Production: Photomagic Studio

Duration: 5:22 Minutes

Content: This informercial outlines how Kenyans in diaspora can invest back home, giving a few examples in stocks, bonds, real estate and chamas.

Client: Salamu Designs

Duration: 1:07 Minutes

Content: Every piece of Salamu Designs jewellery whispers its own story of lives and cultures past, made from antique porcelain found in Lamu, Kenya. []

In-house Project

Duration: 1:05 Minutes

Content: Our studio is available for hire, with a number of accessories and add-ons for clients, this clip is a promo to give a glimpse of the space.

Office: Hillcrest Business Park,

209 State House Road,

P. O. Box 100937-00101,


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