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Tata Magadi CSR Volunteering Week Video by Photomagic Studio under the theme #NowItsYourTurn- a week of cleaning the environment in Magadi, especially on polythene waste and others.

View informercials by Photomagic.

An infomercial is a form of advertisement which is aimed at educating the customer about a product or a series of products mostly through short videos. Infomercials typically last longer than  regular ads and thus is more detailed.

Make the best of short promos 

Promote an event, explain an idea in 60 seconds, sell a product in a flash, create a teaser or remind your audience just about anything.

Event Coverage Videos 

Have a look at videos from cocktails, launches, dinner parties, conferences and summits exhibitions, AGMs and more

Launch of Agribiz program by the European Union, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (Danida), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), African Development Bank (AfDB), Africa Guarantee Fund (AGF) and Kenya Climate Innovation Center (KCIC) in April 2020).

Ready for Tomorrow 

Kenya CIC highlights issues on climate mitigation and climate adaptation and their interventions on a number of projects with entrepreneurs.

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